St. John’s Church Holiday Club 2020
God’s World Matters!

This year Holiday Club has gone virtual!

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Welcome to God’s World Matters!
Holiday Club

This year has perhaps been the strangest and most challenging for families as we have all had to get used to the ‘New Normal’.

In order to bring Holiday Club to you, for the full month of August all our sessions will be online to use at a time that suits you! So no worries if you have a busy day – you will not miss out.  Each session offers your children a story, things to do at home and outside too so there should be plenty to keep your children busy.

To support the sessions, you will find a list of what is needed and how to do. Don’t panic we are aware that not everyone has a home jam packed with craft resources, so we are going to suggest that in many cases you re-cycle simple home items to make great things. All templates will be available to download etc.

For those families that live locally e.g. Kingston Park

 FREE GIFT BAGS are still available please contact me using the following


Hannah Middleton
Children’s Worker
St. John’s Church Kingston Park

A session will be made available
each day from 3rd August,
but don't worry the sessions will
remain for the whole of August

Light & Dark image  Session 1: Light and Dark

Sky & Sea image  Session 2: Sky and Sea

Land,Plants & Trees  Session 3: Land, Plants and Trees

Sun, Moon and Stars image  Session 4: Sun, Moon and Stars

Birds, Fish & More image  Session 5: Birds, Fish and More

Animals & US! image  Session 6: Animals and US!

God Rests image  Session 7: God has a Rest!