Junior Church

We meet each Sunday morning during our church worship time, except for the first Sunday of the month which is planned for the involvement of people of all ages.

We welcome all children aged from about 3 years to 11 years, and encourage them to grow and develop in the knowledge of God at their own level and pace.

In our sessions we split into two groups based on age to ensure that all children feel comfortable with other children their own age. We ensure that each group follow material pitched at a level to stretch awareness of the Bible and their faith whilst still having fun.

On return into the church service the children are encouraged to share with the adults what we have been learning about, this often includes something we have made!!


Children's Sites

www.methodistchildren.org.uk (age 5-8 & 9-13)

www.tearfund.org.uk/children (age 5-8)

www.globalgang.org.uk/ (Christian Aid children)

www.life2themax.net/ (produced by Urban Saints, for teenagers)

Christian Advice / Help for Children

"Are you worried that your parents are splitting up? If so you may be feeling sad and confused. This website is for children like you, to help you understand and feel a bit better."

"Are you being bullied at school? don't know where to turn, use this web site to get help."