Children's work at St John's

Since taking up the post of Children's worker (part-time) this year we have celebrated another great Holiday Club which has launched some new projects while developing some existing projects further.

Tiny Tots - Meets in church on Tuesdays 9.30 - 11.30 am (term time) and it is great to find time to chat to some of our younger children and their families - together we have a time for singing, playing and that much needed cuppa for the adults, while the children enjoy juice and biscuits. 

I also take assemblies at Kingston Park Primary School which allows to meet a lot of the children who I have got to know on Sundays or during the week at groups that use St John's Church as a meeting place.

Developing links with our uniformed organisations and the community groups who let our building throughout the year.

St John's Church holds the fantastic Child Friendly Church Award for striving to be the very best we can for all our families who join us for worship and other events. 

URC Child Friendly Church Award

We have an enthusiastic Junior Church which meets at the same time as our morning worship, unless we are all sharing in a Broadband Service (the first Sunday of the Month). Children from ages two and a half to eleven are welcome. If your older than eleven then our Genesis group may be just the place to ask all those searching questions with other young people in a relaxed chill out zone.

Further events that may interest you will appear very soon.
Looking forward to meeting you.