This Week's Prayer Theme:

28th. Nov. 2021
1st. December is World A.I.D.S. Day. In the 40 years since the first HIV infections appeared, research and treatments have improved the lives of many, but there is still no cure.

Please pray; 
- giving thanks, for improved treatments, enhancing the lives of HIV Positive people.
- for communities and individuals, still dealing with stigma and prejudice.
- for the success of education projects, among young people, promoting safe sexual health and relationship practices, to help prevent risk of infections.

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone".
Romans 12; 18.


Prayer Requests

At the church we regularly pray for the needs of our local community and its people, as well as the needs of the wider world. If you have any particular prayer requests, please contact us. These requests will be handled confidentially.

This Week's Readings

Jeremiah 33: 14 - 16

Luke 21: 25 - 36